June 22, 2016 By Heather Serdoz,
Working at a digital agency has its perks. We get to work on some awesome projects and sometimes those projects get us invited to some pretty cool happenings. This past week Digital Operative got to hang with a bunch of outdoor junkies at the prAna headquarters where the Outdoor Industry Association was hosting a happy hour as part of their OIA Roadshow- West Coast Tour. But before we raised our glasses to the outdoor festivities DO was getting to know one of OIA's own- Katie Boué. The Social Media and Community Coordinator is making her way around the west coast hanging with OIA members, hosting a few happy hours and documenting outdoor industry culture, rad! Read on to see how this whole thing shook out.    First off mad, gratitude to prAna for opening their doors and letting us all hang out at their office. This company knows a thing or two about bringing the outdoors in. The space is truly a sustainable work of art, making it the perfect backdrop for the sustainability happy hour. prAna cornhole Shout out to the OIA tribe- Katie Boué, Nikki Hodgson and Jenn Brunson! They did an amazing job bringing some of the outdoor industry’s finest together for a great night of mingling, cornhole, education, San Diego craft beer and raising a few bucks for Parks4Kids. OIA- Nikki Hodgson As members of the OIA we love seeing the community come together to celebrate our commitment to sustainability. As we travel further down this road we’re learning that there’s more to a brand than just their logo, it’s the legacy they want to leave behind long after they’re gone. The companies, big and small, who travel down this road with OIA will be known for their sustainable practices, their passion for ethical industry standards and so much more. Needless to say we were pretty pumped to be in the company of so many great brands and individuals, so naturally we had to put a video together. Check out our quick interview with Katie Boue and the Sustainability Happy Hour and feel free to hit us up if you want to learn a little more about the services we offer. Till the next adventure, H. https://vimeo.com/171174508

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