September 29, 2017 By Nick Boyajian,
Written By: Nick Boyajian, Director of Development at Digital Operative

Shopify Apps are a great way to extend the functionality of your Shopify Plus store. While most of these apps are built by 3rd party developers, occasionally Shopify releases apps of its own design, and they are some of the best! The new Flow app is no exception and offers powerful automation tools for your Shopify Plus store.

Flow can be used to create custom automated workflows to complete common tasks in your store automagically! The app provides a beautiful workflow-diagram-based UI that allows you to drag and drop triggers, conditions, and actions to create your own custom automation processes — no programming experience required!

In the following example we used Flow to create a workflow that segments new customers into two separate groups if they ordered clothing items of certain sizes. Customers who purchase XXL sized items are tagged ‘Big & Tall’, while customers who purchase XS sized items are tagged “Petite.” These tags can later be used to market specific items with great relevance to the customer.

Shopify Flow Example

To accomplish this, we first create a workflow trigger. A workflow can be triggered in many ways, such as a new customer being added, or, as in this case, when a new order is created. Once the workflow is triggered, we then create two IF statements: one which checks if any of the line items on the order has a variant title including ‘XXL’, and one which checks for a variant title including ‘XS.’ If either of those conditions are met, the customer is then tagged with either a “Big & Tall” or “Petite” tag.

This is just one example of what can be done with Flow, and the possibilities for what you can accomplish are vast. One thing is for sure, Flow is certain to save time and add value to any retailer running on the Shopify Plus platform.

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