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Like Batman and Robin or peanut butter and chocolate, social media and ecommerce marketing are a power combo with a whole much greater than its parts. When you successfully fuse social media with your marketing efforts with these key tips and tools, it can help you boost your marketing efforts by creating a more engaged social audience and driving more customers to your ecommerce store.

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Keep Your Social Posts Fresh (And Prioritize Your Focus)

Daily social media posts are a great way to keep your audience engaged with your business and can work to ensure your products stay relevant and fresh in social feeds. Social media moves fast and the sheer amount of information and content flooding news feeds can make it challenging to stay in front of your customers regularly. Keep your posts interesting and relevant, and incorporate photos or videos into your posts to draw more attention to text posts that are prone to being lost in the sea of a newsfeed.

If you have your social channels prioritized according to engagement and ROI, you can better manage your time and devote time to the posts that are most fruitful for your ecommerce needs.

To help you get the most value out of the content you create, there are email marketing tools available, such as Digital Operative's partners at Bronto, dotmailer, and Klaviyo, that integrate with your social media channels to allow you to automate email campaigns and track social media metrics. This will ultimately help you measure engagement and effectiveness across all of your marketing efforts.

Vary Your Content Types (And Analyze What Works and Why)

An important aspect of fully maximizing your social media channels is content. If you’re posting daily on your social profiles, you should vary the content types you’re using so that you can keep posts interesting, but also so that you can make sure you’re reaching each sector of your audience. Some of your consumers may prefer reading interesting articles, while others will enjoy watching a video. Some customers will be moved by statistics in a compelling infographic, and many others may connect with you through a well-timed and humorous meme.

By using an email marketing solution with a built-in social media integration, such as Klaviyo, you can gain deeper insight into how different content types are performing via email campaigns. You can then repurpose top pieces to your social channels and ensure you’re sharing the very best content with your followers. Klaviyo reviewers on TrustRadius consistently praise the value of the system’s exceptional reporting and analytics tools as integral to running an ecommerce business.

Mobilize Word-of-Mouth Marketing with Reviews

Modern consumers are savvy and many are digital natives, which means that they’re skeptical of being “sold” to, particular when the message comes in the voice of a brand. Instead, many are more trusting of recommendations from friends, family, or people they view as just like them. This concept of word-of-mouth marketing certainly isn’t new, but it has more potential than ever before because every consumer has a platform to share their opinions via social media. Collecting and using reviews on your social channels is a great way to drive engagement in your audience and create a sense of trust in your company’s products and services.

Consider an Additional, Secondary Social Media Management Tool

Social media management tools such as Sprinklr and Spredfast can be highly effective in automating many of the processes you need in place for your social channels to flourish in engagement and drive more people to your ecommerce store. There are a variety of tools on the market that also help you glean insight from your social posts and analyze data to ensure that you’re only posting what’s working for your business and your customers.

Sprout Social is another great option boasting powerful social media management tools that are easy to implement and use. Reviewers of Sprout Social on TrustRadius also indicate that Sprout Social offers stellar customer service and options for people regardless of social media marketing experience.

Using reviews is a great way to get insight into how other businesses, with similar needs and social media goals, are using social media management tools and find out which option is best for your company.

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