Website Design and Development

Online Innovation

Using the Magento platform, Digital Operative was tasked with developing a visually innovative website that would be the driving force behind bobble’s ecommerce efforts. As a result, the team strategically planned and executed a site redesign and overhauled the brand’s ecommerce platform.


Capturing A Lifestyle

Digital Operative’s goal was to energize the bobble brand and activate bobble’s target, largely female audience. The team captured all imagery in-house, and using color to highlight smart and stylish drinking solutions was a huge part of the visual strategy.


Creating a Design That Tells a Story

In order to establish design direction for the new site, Digital Operative had to understand the needs and wants of the brand’s target audience, millennial women. The team identified self-expression, style, and a vested interest in sustainability as key attributes of this audience, and then used this information as key touch points when moving forward with design.

Paid Advertising

Energizing a Brand

Digital Operative met bobble’s target audience online through strategically placed digital advertisements and paid search. Using vivid imagery to attract attention, the ads were designed as an extension of bobble’s fashionable yet functional, tailor-made website.

Email Marketing

Activating A Target Audience

Carrying bobble’s new look through to email, Digital Operative sought to further engage the target audience through enticing calls to action, promotions, and product features with a goal of increasing revenue and brand awareness.

The Outcome

Accountability For Our Results

Digital Operative successfully and strategically repositioned the bobble brand, redesigned their website and ecommerce platform, and produced content and imagery for the entire site. At Digital Operative, we believe in the power of partnership, and we are proud to have helped a client partner launch their new direct-to-consumer digital experience.

Royal Robbins

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Coffee Cargo

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Coffee Cargo

Building a Business

Digital Operative was tasked with not only naming and branding Coffee Cargo, a start-up single-serve coffee subscription service, but also with developing the processes, structure, and overall model for the new ecommerce business.

Our Role

  • Strategy & Planning
  • Visual Branding
  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Design and Development
  • Social Media

Strategy & Planning

Striving to Stand Out

Digital Operative started from the very beginning, establishing a service model that capitalized on the popularity of online subscription services and striving to differentiate and be unique within the crowded coffee market.

Visual Branding

Capturing the Morning Coffee Ritual

Digital Operative sought to create an overall look and feel that would appeal to Coffee Cargo’s ideal target audience: consumer groups that are willing to subscribe to products online, love coffee, and value the single-serve model.

Digital Marketing

Introducing a New Brand

With a goal of growing Coffee Cargos’s subscriber database and increasing revenue, Digital Operative launched a comprehensive marketing campaign, including paid social media, content marketing, and email marketing.

Website Design and Development

Building a New Ecommerce Experience

The team at Digital Operative created a custom-built subscription engine powered with marketing automation, used a phased approach to introduce features and functionality, and deployed an ecommerce interface featuring innovative user experience (UX) design and development.

The Outcome

Accountable for our results

Digital Operative executed an innovative look and feel, ecommerce presence, and overall brand style for a new digital business trying to break into the crowded coffee space. Through targeted branding aimed at consumers who a subscription based service model would appeal to, Digital Operative took a full-service marketing approach that was successful in increasing subscribers as well as overall revenue.

GSI Outdoors

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