The Outcome

Accountable to Our Results

Through smart optimizations, Baby Tula’s dedication & campaigns, and program testing solutions powered by VWO experience Optimization Platform, we effectively optimized the experience prior to the holiday season. As a result, revenue increased by 16% while visitors to the site decreased by 20% from 2018.

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Our Approach

The CRO program worked to decrease friction and increase overall value articulation through homepage, collection and product page testing leading to strategic incremental performance improvements. Below is a collection of stories that fueled the success of the CRO program.


Mobile First

One of the large factors for how we approached the Baby Tula strategy was the sheer size of their mobile audience. Greater than 70 percent, it was vital to present a mobile first philosophy. Analysis and testing reveals behavioral differences between platforms. For example, mobile shoppers typically have a much lower attention span and testing confirms a significantly higher elasticity to difficulty friction. This understanding stressed the importance of simple, to the point messaging and also for providing an experience that was functionally easy to navigate and understand. We tested minimalist content along with process indication and large CTAs; this combination proved to enhance the audience’s ability to navigate and select products. Mobile revenue per visitor, conversion rate and revenue had the largest impacts in 2019.

Baby Tula squeezed 16% more revenue out of 20% less traffic from 2018 to 2019 through CRO.

DO has been a key strategic partner for Baby Tula—helping drive up our RPV and CVR across all our ecommerce sites. Their optimizations continue to improve our customer experience, and we can see in the results that everything they do is helping propel our business forward. We value their digital expertise tremendously and highly recommend them for anyone looking for a partner that can drive strategy and results.

Samantha L.

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