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Through the optimization of product listing pages and implementation of an Amazon advertising strategy focused on conversions and profitability, we were able to guide Konsyl to a 10-15% increase in conversions across all campaign types. Over the course of just 9 months (March 2019 to November 2019), Konsyl achieved:

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Based on our thorough analysis, we developed best-in-class strategies and tactics to quickly launch Konsyl to Amazon greatness. How did we do it? We’re so glad you asked…


Optimized Product Listings

Amazon’s product platform simulates an in-store retail experience, where competing products share shelf space. Because Konsyl is traditionally a B2B brand competing on Amazon against nationally-recognized, legacy household names, it was imperative that their product listings were perfectly optimized to quickly entice shoppers and convert them to buyers.

Customers on Amazon, especially those who shop on mobile devices, are more immediately engaged through visual content than through product copy. Our goal was to use product imagery to create opportunities to quickly educate and inform potential customers about the benefits and differentiators of Konsyl products. To do this, we collaborated with our in-house experts at our state-of-the art Content Studio.

We added concise text overlays in easy-to-read fonts to Konsyl’s product images to highlight key features, making sure to create product description and A+ copy that was clearly legible and tailored to appeal to the more mature generations that make up Konsyl’s demographic base.

Konsyl had a 1,000% revenue increase over the course of just 9 months (March 2019 to November 2019)

It was great working with Digital Operative. Their process was seamless and simple. The success we had in growing our Amazon business was more than we could imagine.

Jaime C.

VP of Marketing
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