Our Approach

Using proven, data driven methodologies DO team built a strategic roadmap and value positioning plan to define the key message points to focus on as well as content production list for production. Based on this content production plan, DO was able to produce optimal product and lifestyle imagery, on a very condensed timeline that clearly highlighted the differentiated value proposition of the WaterWipes’ product within their detail pages and brand store in order to drive higher conversions and increase brand equity on Amazon. In turn localize those assets for Global markets.


Product Photography

WaterWipes was in need of new product photography for their entire line of baby wipe products. Before shooting we provided WaterWipes with a moodboard of photography directions as well as a shot list to best show the differences in package sizes. All images were shot in our in house studio and taken through an extensive editing process to have the overall aesthetic WaterWipes was looking for.


Lifestyle Imagery

Although WaterWipes had a large library of branded imagery, they were in need of imagery that would perform well on Amazon. Their imagery was heavily based around lifestyle. While staying on brand, our new direction for imagery increased the focus and attention on the product in use. We vetted models and locations, as well as, worked closely with WaterWipes to produce moodboards and shot lists that would display the benefits and key differentiators of WaterWipes products. All imagery was shot and edited in house and translated into their Amazon store.


Product Listing Optimization

Amazon’s product platform simulates an in-store retail experience, where competing products share shelf space. WaterWipes is directly competing against nationally-recognized, legacy household names. So it was imperative that their product listings were perfectly optimized to quickly entice shoppers and convert them to buyers.

Customers on Amazon, especially those who shop on mobile devices, are more immediately engaged through visual content than through product copy. Our goal was to use product imagery to create opportunities to quickly educate and inform potential customers about the benefits and differentiators of WaterWipes’ products. To do this, we collaborated with our in-house experts at our state-of-the-art Content Studio.

Our experience with DO for this project has been enjoyable, trusting and reliable; with the launch of 3 new products, we were confident that a continued partnership with DO would benefit us greatly for our Amazon business.

Ashley K.

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