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Getting involved and participating early on with the brand identity process was the first of many key steps in our process. Often times, when other agencies are involved with a brand, the dynamic can be difficult to navigate. An open and transparent process to work collectively as a unit for Clark’s benefit allowed us to dive deep into the brand and product identity while it was evolving. In parallel, we coupled consumer research with data analysis to conduct several qualitative stakeholder interviews to define the optimal customer pathways and fluidly inject the personality Clark’s wanted into the website along with the mobile-first customer experience it needed.


Mobile First

For a brand with such an active target market, Digital Operative knew that the design and layout of the Clark’s site had to be responsive to ensure functionality across a wide variety of screens and devices. Shopify Plus was also the perfect ecommerce platform for this up and coming beauty brand as it’s built to serve mobile consumers that expect seamless shopping experiences and a simple checkout process.


Product Photography

Clark’s Botanicals was looking for product images for their full line. We photographed the products in the studio with a clear sheet of vellum to provide a perfect reflection. Considering that these products are not only round, but incredibly reflective, we were forced to build a seamless curtain that encompassed almost 300º behind the camera to reduce the reflections on the product. We then composited the numerous shots and provided clean beautiful product shots in multiple configurations to be utilized across their website and marketing materials.


Stylized Product Photography

When designing the PDP, we decided that it was a perfect opportunity to give Clark’s a unique photography style for their PDPs that was completely owned and only used by them. We selected a paint color that complemented the brand colors and built a stage to shoot on. It was important to capture, not only the outside of the package, but the texture of the contents. All images were shot and edited inside Digital Operative’s content studio.

Digital Operative is a great agency to work with. We’ve worked on a couple of projects together and I am always amazed by the results of their work. They always have great understanding of where the brand currently is and where it should be in the future and they put in the work to ensure that this happens.

Javier Sanchez-Mariscal

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