Ecommerce Strategy

A Custom & Flexible B2B Solution

The Dr. Comfort business model is built to accommodate different customer groups, from doctors and medical professionals, to individual consumers, each with unique levels of pricing and access. This tiered approach was the driving force behind the B2B site structure, which was tackled first as it was a complex undertaking involving customer roles, freight policies, and pricing, all based on customer levels, profiles, and memberships. The B2C experience was solved for second, and used the same framework and design, minus all of the B2B functionality.

Visual Design

The Balance of Clean Design & Functionality

Designing the new Dr. Comfort website was a balancing act between clean, modern design without jeopardizing B2B functionality and purchasing ability. We built custom category and product description page (PDP) templates with a goal of allowing a B2B audience (doctors and medical professionals) to easily browse and place multiple orders for various patients, while also showcasing all of the products’ attributes.

The Outcome

Accountable for our Results

Digital Operative successfully developed a custom ecommerce experience that met the needs of Dr. Comfort’s B2B and B2C consumer audiences on Magento Commerce 2. The new site features clean, modern design built on a custom template, and accommodates the client’s tiered customer groups. We are proud to have helped a brand that strives to provide the highest quality comfort to its customers, provide the highest quality digital experience for doctors, medical professionals, and individual consumers.

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