July 6, 2016 By Heather Serdoz,
Well it's about that time, summer is here and we're kicking another season off with some great interns! Digital Operative is stoked to announce Kate Dodge as one of our marketing interns, she's a rare San Diego native and is pumped to be home for the summer. While I could spend time talking her up I'm going to let Kate take the floor...

Welcome Summer Interns!

Hey, everyone! My name is Kate Dodge and super excited to work for Digital Operative as a marketing intern this summer. I’ve grown up in San Diego my whole life, and I actually live right up the street from the office. I currently go to school in Ohio, but trust me, I’ll be back in San Diego right after graduation. Real winters are just not for me! In my spare time, I love to cook and binge watch series on Netflix. But while I’m here, I can’t wait to learn as much as I can about digital marketing!
  1. Where do you go to School? What is your Major: I go to school at Miami University in Oxford Ohio… and trust me, I’m so happy to be back in San Diego! I am in the business school majoring in Marketing and minoring in management in leadership.
  2. When do you plan on graduating: I am graduating in the spring of 2017… So only one more year until the real world! Not sure how I feel about that yet.
  3. How did you hear about Digital Operative: I was looking up digital marketing internships in San Diego and came upon DO. After looking into the company, I couldn’t help but want to intern! Company culture is so important to me, and DO has such a great work atmosphere! And who could turn pass up working with dogs running around the office?
  4. What do you hope to learn from your internship: As much as I possibly can! I just took a class last semester that dove into various areas of digital marketing, and I LOVED it. I can’t wait to figure out what area(s) I enjoy the most and focus my skills in those areas.
  5. What do you hope to do after completing your internship and graduating from college: I hope to have a greater understanding of digital marketing and take that and run with it! Ideally, I would love to have a job right out of college. So if you’re looking to hire… (hehe)
  6. Tell us something interesting about yourself: I’ve been a vegetarian since 5th grade… and it all started out as a competition with my friend. Guess who won? (Hint: it was me)
  7. If you could have any job in the world, what would it be: I can’t say I know what job it would be, but it would definitely involve traveling around the world!
  8. How do you take your coffee: Gross! Ice tea, please!
  9. Favorite thing to do on a Saturday: If I’m not hanging out with my friends, I’ll be watching Netflix with my dog. Both options are ideal.
  10. Cats or Dogs: Dogs, definitely dogs.
  11. What would you sing at Karaoke night: Oh, this is a hard one! After careful consideration I’m going to swallow my pride and go with the Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way.” But I could also easily pick “Girls Just Want To Have Fun!” It would probably be a game time decision.
  12. If you had an unlimited storage of one thing, what would it be: Pictures. I’m always running out of storage on my phone because I take too many.
  13. What was your favorite childhood injury: I don’t have any cool injuries… I broke my thumb playing volleyball and had to get surgery. That wasn’t exciting though.
  14. Which store (online or brick and mortar) would you like to max out your credit card: Free People
  15. Can you play any instruments: I use to play guitar, but I was never any good. My teacher even fired me as a student. Oops!

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