December 18, 2008 By Eric,
  1. Flip Mino Camcorder - For all those who love to capture moments, this environment friendly camcorder is the way to go. It's small and super mobile so you can take it anywhere you want. Record all your friends and family and feel good while doing so knowing you've gone green.
  2. 360 Paper Bottle - Who loves water? Well if you do, then try drinking it out of one of these babies. Oh yeah, paper made water bottles. That's right, you read correctly. Paper, not plastic. Talk about going green this year!
  3. Philips Home Theater System - Who doesn't love movie night or turning up the music and dancing around your house while your home alone? Well, now the only guilt you should feel is for your neighbors who have to watch you dance around because this new home theater uses 60% less energy then a normal system does. If you forget to turn things off, don't fret. You can leave it idle and still be environmentally safe.
  4. Sony Blu-Ray DVD Player - This is an energy efficient machine that anyone can benefit from. Lots of great features and more importantly you get to save money while you watch all your favorite movies.
  5. Philips 42" LCD HDTV - Ok folks, flat TV nicknamed “EcoTV” on the block. This energy efficient flat panel is a perfect way to stay hip while being eco-friendly/conscience.
  6. MacBook - The holidays just got a little brighter. Introducing the green Mac Book. This computer is the ultimate green. In fact, it's the greeniest of all the greens. It's almost entirely recyclable, uses 30% less energy then other laptops amongst other things.
  7. Music Box - Crank up the tunes literally with this solar powered music box. It doesn't get any better then this. This is what you would've imagined your grandparents used back in the day they were young. Take this on a romantic picnic with your loved one, relax in the backyard or just play tunes while you work at your desk.
  8. iPhone Solar Power Battery Case - Recharge with this solar powered case. No more battery stress. This will take care of all your recharging needs and you can even chat while doing so. The better just keeps getting better.
  9. Fabrik [re] Drive - This is claimed to be the greenest hard drive you'll ever find. True? Well, who knows, but what I do know is that it uses up to 90% less energy, which means no annoying cooling fan going off every 10 minutes. It's made out of bamboo along with many other green features.
  10. Voltaic Generator Laptop Bag - Have you ever been in an airport and can't find a seat next to an outlet? You're lucky sometimes to even find a seat, but this new bag charges your laptop, phone and other geeky gadgets from the sunlight while you go about your day. You can be in the middle of the desert and still have a battery charged gadget. Now there's comforting thought.

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