November 6, 2009 By BJ Cook,
I arrived at Syrah a little after 8pm.  The Gary Vaynerchuk event started at 7 and unfortunately I missed Gary's talk about wine and his new book, however I did manage to skip the wine tasting which was my original goal.  See, I'm not that interested in wine.  What interests me is that Gary Vaynerchuk turned his love of wine into a multi-million dollar business using things like Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.  He has been signed by the Hollywood power talent agency CAA who also represents Brad Pitt and Oprah.  He used video to get his message across and he says that any business or person can do it, regardless of their industry.  Although I didn't do any wine tasting at Syrah - I was enjoyed a slight social media buzz induced by Gary and his powerful message.  If you haven't heard of him and you are one of those people who still don't understand how to leverage social media to brand your company and make money - you should definitely check him out online at

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