October 10, 2009 By BJ Cook,
There's so much to consider when starting up your own digital agency and here's the list that circulates my brain everyday from when I wake til when I fall asleep around 3-4am each morning.
  • What category do we fall into? Digital Agency, Interactive Marketing, Social Design Consultants
  • Should we offer services in everything we've ever done?
  • Who can I reach out to in order to extend our network?
  • What big agencies would have large amounts of overflow work?
  • What companies are hiring for roles that they could save money on by working with us?
  • Is it better to hire on or partner with another team?
  • Am I spending my time on the right stuff?
  • Is our environment the best it can be for our team?
  • When is it time to expand into a bigger office?
  • When are we launching our social media analytics tool?
  • When is the website redesign going to be completed?
  • Am I spending enough time with my family?
  • When will I sleep?
There are some harsh realities when starting up a digital agency. And there are so many great things that come with it as well. Can you focus on the good things and let the little things roll off your back? Some of the most important things about a Digital Agency are: love who you work with, never give up, be creative when looking for projects, tap inspiration from those around you and believe that what you envision as the point of sustainability will be there soon. As much as this translates into some of the daily challenges I face as the CEO and co-founder, it also should show that I embrace transparency outside of my own walls. I'd love to hear people's thoughts on some of the things they are challenged by and see if we can create some great tips and resources for other agency leaders. cheers BJ

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