October 2, 2009 By BJ Cook,

With the whole iPhone app craze going on, many brands are finding ways to not only add value to their current customers' experience, but also provide a gateway for browsers. Zipcar is one of those brands that gets it.

With the introduction of their new iPhone application, Zipcar is enabling current and potential customers to:

  • Find Zipcar locations, Browse for cars and make your iPhone go beep, beep!
Members have the ability to:
  • Reserve and find cars available.
  • View, extend or cancel reservations.
  • Honk your Zipcar's horn with your iPhone to find it in a crowd
  • Unlock and lock your Zipcar with your iPhone after scanning your Zipcard at the start of each reservation
Then I started thinking about what type of iPhone app features Zipcar could add for some of their customers. So for the absent-minded moms that leave their kids in the car when they need to run into the store real quick ... I've invented an iPhone app feature that lets moms do the following:
  • A notification shoes up on screen that states: "Your child is crying"
  • Mom can toggle through an action carousel: "Play DVD", "Play music", "Start childseat vibrator"

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