December 8, 2009 By BJ Cook,
So with about 3 days notice I had the opportunity to submit a piece to the 4th Annual Customer Engagement Report for 2010. What most folks won't see in my submission is the balancing act of working on my laptop and interacting with my daughter every 30 minutes in between. I'd say most parents reading this can appreciate that situation, where you almost zone out and don't realize what the output actually will be. I lucked out and was very happy with the end result. You can find my piece on page 18. This report, put together by Richard Sedley, Customer Engagement Director for cScape, and Econsultancy features some of the industry's top minds in customer engagement. There are actual customer engagement strategies and tactics used by some of the top companies and experts in this field from Microsoft to Eric T. Petersen to Andy Beal to Becky Carroll and more. I've included the Issuu widget below as well as some links to the report. Enjoy and look forward to hearing the feedback. Purchase the Customer Engagement Report 2010

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