March 27, 2009 By Eric,
I live in a town called Carmel Valley, which is a little suburb just north of San Diego. If you’ve never heard of it, it's a little, quiet, family oriented town.  This week I got a recorded phone call saying, please do not use the water until otherwise notified. There had been a water pipe breakage and health officials were concerned with water contamination. No problem, I’ll just go buy some clean and safe water to drink and use for other purposes, for example brushing my teeth. Easy fix.  This went on for what seemed to be 2 long days. Now, imagine for a moment living somewhere without any access to clean water. Unfortunately millions of kids are dying everyday because they don't have access. Digital Operative has been given the privilege this year to help the TAP Project raise money to help bring clean and safe drinking water to those in need. World Water Week 09 Started March 22 and will end on March 28.  Restaurants nation wide are participating by charging 1 dollar for tap water during that week.  That $1 will help provide one child clean and safe drinking water for 40 days. There have been many gracious people helping to support this campaign. Some of the bloggers we've reached have helped create awareness for the TAP Project campaign and they are: As I mentioned before, this is a nation wide campaign. Cities all over the country have put on events to promote this cause:
  • San Diego
    • The Thirsty For Change event was a fun way to raise awareness and get people excited about the campaign.
    • Drink For A Good Cause Happy Hour Event also had a successful turnout.
    • The San Diego Online Society hosted a pool party this year and the donation bowl definitely filled up.
  • Los Angeles has kicked their campaign off this year with Tap Project Radio. Musicians and Celebrities are featured guests to help raise money and awareness.
  • Washington DC: President of UNICEF joined with businesses, government and academia in endorsing the declaration on US Policy and the Global Challenge of Water. It pushes for the US to make access to clean water a priority.
  • New York: Where this campaign was born. They kick started World Water Week with a water walk starting in Battery Park. Close to 1500 supports attended.
Many more cities around the country have joined in to help this cause.  It’s not too late for you to be a part of this campaign. Any support you can give, no matter how little is a big help, so take your loved ones out for dinner this weekend and buy some tap water for a dollar.  Check for participating restaurants in your city here.

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