March 13, 2009 By Eric,
The Tap Project began in New York City with a simple basic concept and that concept has become a powerful cause. World Water Week 09 is a campaign helping to bring clean and safe drinking water to millions of children in need all around the world.  Since 2007, this campaign has grown into a national cause.  The goal of this project is to raise awareness and funds that will help UNICEF’s efforts to save millions of children’s lives. Beginning March 22-28, restaurants nation wide will ask their customers to donate $1 for tap water that would ordinarily be free when they dine out. That $1 will provide 1 child with safe and clean drinking water for 40 days. San Diego TAP ProjectSan Diego TAP - This year Fishtank Brand Advertising, founders of the San Diego campaign, has given Digital Operative the privilege to help drive awareness and engagement for the campaign in San Diego through all digital marketing channels including mobile with Txt4TAP and social media with Facebook, Twitter, local/national bloggers and even creating offline events. Here are the many ways you can support SDTAP and get involved: Restaurants: Events: Donate Campaign Info: Endorsements: Sam the cooking guy Any contribution is a step forward and We hope to see you at some of the events!

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