July 30, 2009 By BJ Cook,
If you're not a fan of the company METHOD, well, you should be. These guys have been pushing the product design's form + function while still maintaining aspects of sustainability since 2000. I've had the opportunity to not only visit their HQ in San Francisco, but also be a part of some strategic brainstorming sessions in a previous role. These guys get it and they continue to impress me everytime I take a sneap peek into what they've been up to. Their latest endeavor is a new product design for their kids line. As a customer, love it! As a professional marketer, love it! They decided to look to their very own Northern California backyard to dervie inspiration from the animals they found. From seals, sea lions, crabs to penguins; Methodkids is tapping the NorCal jungle. Here's a post on their blog from Josh, head of form + function at method If they came out with a line for Southern California, what animals would you like to see? Leave your comments below.

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