May 21, 2009 By Digital Operative,
How can you start a morning off better than with with pastries, coffee and a great conversation about social media? Since Digital Operative has taken over Social Media Breakfast San Diego, once a month we do just that.  It's been a really neat experience so far with lots of great feedback, insight and general comments from group members and speakers surrounding this new buzz word.  Since social media is, well, pretty much the greatest thing since sliced bread these days, being given the opportunity to be part of this organization I feel extremely fortunate and have learned quit a bit. Every month for part of the breakfast we go over a top 10 list about the latest and greatest going on in social media.  I'm always surprised when doing my research.  Every month trumps the one prior.  From Oprah to Ashton Kutcher Vs. CNN to Dominos pizza hiring someone whose sole purpose is to Twitter.  People and companies everywhere are integrating some form of social media into their marketing plan, but it is interesting to see how if used a certain way, it can either make you or break you, and developing the right strategies is as significant as any other part of your marketing. Being a part of this organization I've been able to hear about some of the struggles and road blocks people face in their marketing strategies and it's always fascinating to hear what members come up with regarding how to tackle those issues using social media.  Listening to members discuss the problems they're faced with and the tactics they used to solve those problems has been an incredible chance to learn about the newest strategies out there and to see where it's working, when it's working and why it's working. Since we have taken over this organization, our group has grown by over 40 people. That's new people! We are excited to see these new faces and hope to continue growing over the coming months.

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