May 13, 2010 By BJ Cook,

The Co-Founder of, Paul English, announced his amazingly ambitious plans to blanket the entire continent of Africa with free wireless Internet. Working with for profit and non-profit organizations Paul is looking ahead over the next decade of his life to make this vision a reality.

Fast Company Article

Imagine the possibilities of connecting one of the worlds most populated and at this point technologically disconnected continents.

  • Updated digital e-textbooks for students
  • Consistent communication between health officials in Africa and in the west
  • Open lines of information for NGO’s working in rural areas
  • Online classroom experiences for villages that don’t have or cannot afford a teacher
  • Higher level learning opportunities for cities & villages without a university
  • Open and free phone via Skype for those who can’t afford a phone
  • A new funnel to channel news through thus creating a better understanding of what is happening in Africa
  • Video diagnostics for patients in places without doctors
  • A road map to connecting other developing nations in Asia and South America
  • A billion or so more people on Facebook
  • The possibility of the next great tech leader being from Southern Nigeria or Northern Uganda instead of a drop out from Harvard

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