May 14, 2010 By BJ Cook,

  1. They are available on multiple carriers (iPhone will lose the battle based purely on availability unless they open up to other carriers)
  2. The amount on restrictions, or lack there of, on developing applications
  3. Competition - Multiple phones manufactures pushing each other to make the best Android phones
  4. Video - Superior video capturing capabilities as well as higher usage of video among owners than competitors
  5. The phone can be tethered right out of the box
  6. More Android owners are using apps than all other smart phone owners
  7. The Android web traffic is trending up (recently passing the iPhone) where as the other major smart phones are trending down or flat
  8. A third of all Blackberry owners would like to switch to an Android smart phone
  9. There are 65,000+ Android units being shipped per day which shows a steady and continuous growth in the shipment numbers
  10. When the iPhone came into the marketplace there the closest competition was the Blackberry, which was mainly a business tool at the time. The Android however is taking market share at a high rate despite the steep competition which includes not only the iPhone but the new Blackberries, Palm, and Windows Mobile devices

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