May 14, 2010 By BJ Cook,
INCUBAGENCY IS LIVE! As with most Summers, there is an influx of new grads and Seniors looking to carve out their next move in their career path. Like many businesses, we see a need to have young folks getting our coffee, cleaning the fishtank, washing dishes, squeeging the windows, parking our cars, etc. Really? Not so much. By working with many students and grads from area schools like SDSU, UCSD, Art Institute San Diego, Pt Loma Nazarene; we see a continued need to help these folks evolve and get the right kind of training so they have a clue when walking into an agency, in-house role or anywhere really. We created a 12-week program called incubagency. incubagency is ...
  • for passionate people that know the digital landscape is forever shifting
  • looking for 3 students of various focus - Design, Development & Marketing
  • delivering real cross-functional team experience
  • a combination of Mentorship, Hands-on Learning, Start-up and Doing Good
  • offering both Paid and Credit-based compensation
  • based in our San Diego, CA agency office
  • now accepting resumes for Summer 2010
If this sounds at all exciting to you, head over to and submit your information. If you really want to get us coffee, wash dishes and answer phones; we can find a cubicle for you.

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