February 12, 2010 By BJ Cook,
We've had the opportunity to be a part of a growing, great social enterprise called iLoveSchools.com. Based in San Diego, we've had our hand in all aspects of their online platform from strategy, design, development and now even some pro-bono marketing. One of the greatest fulfillments is to see someone believe in something you also believe in and give a small, growing organization a shot. Luckily with tools like HARO (Help A Reporter Out), I was able to connect to Debra Atlas, an environmental writer/blogger. The idea that both people and companies could look into their closets, warehouses and garages for used items and donate them to teachers around the US resonated with Debra. So I connected her to Jerry Hall, Executive Director at iLoveSchools and the rest was magic. Debra not only blogged about iLoveSchools, but she also happens to get coverage on Redding.com -"Distinctly Green: Web site links schools in need with donors" If you're wondering if you have time to read every HARO email that you get everyday; you may not. BUT my advice is ... MAKE THE TIME. You never know who is looking for great stories or content. And as they say, "You'd never know if you didn't try." Isn't that the essence of social media? Connecting with others to share stories, create a connection or bond and build upon something that could be long term. Put yourself out there, take a chance and be human.

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