September 21, 2010 By BJ Cook,
TeamSAN Getting Ready for Movember 2010


Last year the team at DO manned and womened up to support this great cause to fight cancer. You can see our moustache historical glory here. This year we got a special invite to participate in the Movember Digital Challenge featuring some of the brightest marketing minds around the country. From New York City to Austin to Boston to Los Angeles; we have some stiff competition. So if we pull out the favor card, it's for a great cause. For anyone who doesn't know what Movember is ... Movember (the month formerly known as November) is an annual moustache growing charity event held every November which raises funds and awareness for cancers that affect men. At the start of Movember guys register with a clean shaven face. The Movember participants, known as Mo Bros, have the remainder of the month to grow and groom their Mo, raising money along the way to benefit men's health. So if you're a San Diegan, friend, family member, former love interest or just love moustaches; here's how you can chip in:
  • Join TeamSAN here - To join team go to and follow the steps.
  • Follow TeamSAN updates on Twitter via #TeamSAN
  • Spread the love via Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Orkut, Email, SMS, phonecalls, carry pigeons, messenger bike; whatever you can do to support TeamSAN.
  • Come to the MO Warmup TeamSAN event at DO HQ - event details coming soon.
At the end of the day this is for a great charity and we are all TeamSAN. Without any of you participating this can't be possible. Also keep your eyes posted for possible iPhone App and Microsite. If you want to help out let us know.

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