September 23, 2010 By BJ Cook,
With the rise of social media and the importance of having a sound community management strategy; we've decided to join forces with a leading firm in the space. Meet Metaverse Mod Squad. Metaverse provides online community and game services to Warner Bros., the NFL, Reel FX Entertainment (Webosaurs), enVie Interactive, Harry Potter, the U.S. State Department, Masher Media, EA-Hasbro, and Cartoon Network, among others.
"We have always offered our smart marketing and community management expertise to our customers, but our partnership with Digital Operative gives us a more extensive go-to team of passionate digital strategists," said Amy Pritchard, CEO of Metaverse Mod Squad. "Their experience in bridging digital marketing and technology will help our customers design even more dynamic and creative campaigns."
"We continually stress there is a substantial level of manpower required to nurture and improve a community experience over the long term," said BJ Cook, CEO and co-founder of Digital Operative. "Metaverse professionals help our brands implement their online strategies, and we wholeheartedly recommend their community managers, moderators and customer support teams."
Offering DO's current and future clients a fully integrated digital strategy featuring best-in-class community and game services was a no brainer. Amy and her team work with some of the biggest brands in the business and their work speaks for itself. For us, building the marketing and technology infrastructure is only the first stage in cultivating an online community. Once that phase is completed, Metaverse connects with the community members, provides customer service, supports multiple languages, protects the safety of children and ensures a stable ecosystem. You can view the original press release here. See The Mod Squad blog post here.

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