March 9, 2010 By BJ Cook,
When crafting a Social Media Strategy, we often think about the people and who were are trying to engage and activate. So you look at demographics, what tools, apps and websites they are using; you begin to build out these utopian profiles for the people you feel your message will resonate with. So how is this going to change moving forward? Let's take a look at the some of the recent news in the area of "location-based services":
  • Twitter turns geo-location on - read more
  • Facebook enabling its 400M users to share their location - read more
  • Google dilutes its efforts between Buzz and Lattitude - read more
  • Foursquare is testing its new business analytics dashboard - read more
  • Gowalla inks deal with Travel Channel - read more
  • SXSW becomes global battle dome for location-based Davids competing against the Goliaths - read more
  • Loopt in chats with Facebook and repositioning around check-in specials for consumers - read more
  • Plancast seals its future with funding - read more
So what does all this news mean? Well you better be aware of what is out there because the social media strategy you spend 4-6 weeks crafting better include location-based marketing tactics, metrics and the ability to scale as these services continue to offer the end consumer more game-like features to keep them engaged and business owners a suite of tools to connect in real-time conversations both unobtrusively and geographically. It's not just Who Am I. It's becoming Where Am I.

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