August 19, 2011 By adamlu,
[caption id="attachment_1040" align="alignnone" width="600" caption="Our campaign didn't stink!"]QR code tattoo
Hurts more than most QR codes QR codes are everywhere from magazines to billboards to graves (more on that later) and here at DOodles we are wondering: where is the line?  We scoured the Internet to find the craziest, most insane QR campaigns and bring them to you. So put down your smartphone take a look at our list: the three craziest QR campaigns ever! 1. Volley ball bikini QR code
Honestly honey, I'm not checking her out - I'm scanning the  code Though England is not exactly known for their beach volleyball, the sport did gain notoriety this year when it rented out space on the bikini bottoms of pro players Zara Dampney and Shauna Mullin. The deal is believed to be in the five figure range (not a bum deal) and also believed to be the first QR codes to be used on in-play sport advertising. All this just when we thought our interest in English women's beach volleyball couldn't be any higher! 2. QR Haircuts
For my next trick I will read your mind Looking to replace that tired 'do? Maybe it is time to get the QR code cut, it's all the rage in Japan where a shampoo company launched the campaign to showcase healthy scalps. The campaign idea is that the shampoo improves both the hair and the scalp (and he does have a great looking scalp).  The word amongst marketing circles is that the ad campaign was a success and increased brand awareness of the shampoo. We think maybe we will just stick with hats. 3. Graves
Qr code on a grave
I scan dead people Names and dates? That is so 1900's! You can say so much more by simply adding a QR code to your grave. In Japan they  are putting QR codes on graves that give images and blurbs about the deceased.  Like the idea of QR codes on the from beyond the grave? You better be rich in the life -  these  grave QR codes cost around $10,000. They are sure to creep everyone out who sees you standing around graves taking photos. We know the line// After seeing those examples you may be wondering – how do I use QR codes effectively for my business? Fortunately here at DO we have the knowledge, the technology, and the skills that lead to very successful QR campaigns. Examples you say? Check this out: We recently used QR codes for performance wear clothing company Sport Science. These codes were placed on postcards and handed out at the Outdoor Retailer Convention in Salt Lake City.  Once these QR codes were scanned, they sent people to a specially created web page that collected emails and entered the participants into a contest to win either $100 or $500 worth of Sport Science gear .  The campaign was a great success, Sport Science has a growing email list, and we didn't even have to wear the Digital Operative QR bikini bottoms! You know the QR code has many uses, the question is how can we utilize QR technology to help you reach your digital goals?

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