October 27, 2011 By BJ Cook,

Social Media is a big part of our lives now. We post pictures, share stories, communicate with friends but would you want your future employer to see everything you share on Facebook and Twitter? Its obvious we keep LinkedIn clean, but employers are doing more than checking out your LinkedIn Profile. Reppler researched 300 individuals in charge of hiring at their company and came up with a few surprising results. Whether or not you agree that this acceptable, its happening. 91% said they use social media to screen applicants. The majority will check Facebook 76%, followed by Twitter 53%, and then LinkedIn 48%. If you’re not careful you could be rejected by that dream job because of a few silly pictures on Facebook. 3 Don’ts to Consider on your Profiles: 1. Don’t post inappropriate photos of you drinking or using drugs, and don’t allow yourself to be tagged in them. 2. Don’t post inappropriate comments, discriminatory remarks, or negative comments including previous employers. 3. Don’t use poor grammar or display poor communication skills. The best thing you can do would be to just tighten the security of your pages. Everyone has fun but there are something that don’t need to be shared with the world. On the other hand, social media isn’t all bad when it come to potential employment. Sometimes what you share is what gets you the job. 3 Dos to Consider on your Profiles: 1. Do make your profile show your interests and hobbies, employers appreciate well-rounded individuals. 2. Do allow your profile to show off your creativity, especially if creativity is part of the industry you seek. 3. Do use your profile to demonstrate your professional capabilities, and share awards or accomplishments.

Even if you do get turned away or turned down because of your social media profiles, it may be for the best if the company does not feel you would fit well with them. Organizational fit is important, if you don’t mesh well with the company both of you will be unhappy.

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