January 29, 2011 By BJ Cook,
With the recent news of Digital Operative expanding its team in both development and design; we've decided to join forces with one of the fastest-growing Open Source eCommerce Platforms. By offering both current and new customers the ability to leverage this great eCommerce platform and our experience providing direct-to-consumer marketing services; DO is poised to be well-balanced in our approach to creating engaging online retail strategies. Here's why we decided on Magento:
  1. Flexibility, scalability and modularity are at the top
  2. Established relationship with Rackspace (DO is a trusted partner with Rackspace and its cloud services)
  3. Utilizes one of our favorite frameworks - ZEND
  4. Backoffice integration points for over 37 accounting systems
  5. Powerful marketing toolset that offers personalized shopping experiences
  6. Multi-store management
Contact us about our Magento development experience.

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