January 28, 2011 By Adam,
Hello 2011. This year is already shaping up to be a great year. There are some very exciting things in the works- new clients, new products, new team members. As part of the growth of the team and the company, everyone here at DO will be focusing on a specific goal each quarter, contributing to the overall innovation of the company and their personal/professional development. Each month the team will be responsible for posting an update on their progress, documenting what they are learning. So stay tuned for some great new blog posts. Here are some of the areas that our team has chosen to focus on:
  • Company Operations, Process and Procedures
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Enterprise Ecommerce Development
  • Video Animation and Effects
  • Project Lifecycle Management
  • User Experience Design
  • Application Process Distribution and Load Balancing
In addition, you can expect to see:
  • A new DO website
  • The launch of some new products
  • The rebirth of some old products
  • More fun and excitement from the DO team
Stay tuned!

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