April 1, 2011 By BJ Cook,
National Foosball League Digital Operative announces its latest project featuring the National Foosball League (NFL). Foosball is like soccer to the US or "football" to the world, only played on a surface that tends to be 4' by 2'. There's no better game that lends itself to family-bonding-time, agency-office-in-between-20-projects-time or good ole fashion college-dorm-room-time. Before we started the project, we took the team through some rigorous historical sessions as well as hands-on-field-training sessions as well. Here's what we learned about this great game called Foosball.
  1. Typical surface is 4' by 2'
  2. Some expert players have been clocked hitting the ball at 35 mph
  3. Spinning is frowned upon and in most legitimate games considered illegal
  4. It was invented by Evan Dube in 1921
  5. Balls can be made of plastic, metal, wood and even marble
  6. It carries the names - Foos, Footzy, Baby-Foot, Kicker and from our very own Brazilian star Thiago, "totó", "pebolim" or "fla-flu"
  7. There is said to be a "Foosbot" that has never been beaten by any human player
  8. It has starred in movies such as Dazed and Confused, tv shows Friends and House
  9. The original concept was conceived using a simple box of matches to form the playing field
  10. Can be played by 2 or 4 players
So obviously there's a lot of history to this great game. Why wouldn't we take on a project like this? Think of the celebritiness it could bring. The over-arching ability to launch Digital Operative into the stratosphere as one of the greatest digital agencies ever! How could FAST Company, INC, Harvard Business Review, WIRED, Fortune and any of the other mainstream media outlets not pick this up?! ... Well because it's not quite the whole truth. But we are a digital agency, we do have some good talented foosball players around the office and if we ever got the shot, would love to design a website around foosball. Who wouldn't? Happy April 1.

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