April 4, 2011 By BJ Cook,
LiveByDesign - website design by DO - product design website When you think of high end design in the area of interiors, architecture, product, industrial, automotive and the likes; you think of brands like Ferrari, Cartier, Maybach and more based on your taste. Well what you need to keep in mind is that all of those brands were born from the brilliant creative minds of some of the best in the business. And those best in the business started somewhere, right? livebydesign will become the premier online network to connect budding designers to manufacturers, enable design enthusiasts to see what is next and enable retailers to tap into this great audience enabling commerce. Let's do the math ... community + creativity + commerce ... equals real innovation. I had the chance to speak with Cesar Lang the CEO and Founder; here's what he said: So Cesar, what's your vision for livebydesign? To become the most valuable source of information and the world’s largest networking platform for the design industry. Give enthusiasts a full perspective on every existing and upcoming design by facilitating a direct communication line between designers, manufacturers, and sellers.
  • Empower enthusiasts to voice their needs and opinions to help improve or create new designs.
  • Offer designers the opportunity to market their work and to find manufacturers to bring their new concepts to life.
  • Facilitate communication between manufacturers and design enthusiasts, giving them the opportunity to satisfy needs, find new designs and broaden their distribution capabilities.
  • Maximize sellers’ market share by connecting them with manufacturers, opening capabilities and effectively selling their designs.
Cesar, how was it working with Digital Operative?
  • DO’s team of experts are always eager to help find better solutions for your project; their very organized system allowed us to always have great communication and input during the process. Working with them has been a great experience, and we hope to continue doing business with them as our website grows
So what do you guys have coming up? Any new partnerships? New features?
  • We just launched the beta version of livebydesign, and we already have over a hundred features to add in the near future: geo-tagging, improved company profiles, advanced browsing, selling capabilities for users, and much more. We are also looking to partner with a few organizations to help us build connections between all our users.
If you're looking for a design community to tap into, are a product designer or just love design; head over to livebydesign.

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