August 30, 2012 By adamlu,
DO presents our latest website - LaCantina Doors. Based out of San Diego, LaCantina Doors  is a high-end folding door company that produces a variety of bi-fold doors in materials that range from aluminum to wood. The website is built on the ExpressionEngine CMS which is used to build information based pages, and has a section to manage an inventory of products. Here's the site LaCantina had before working with DO: As you can see everything was changed, from the logo to the UX to the design. DO simplified the site by expanding the hero image across the browser and adding a slider to display different uses of the folding doors. The site navigation was also trimmed down to the necessities with emphasis on the more significant pages.  We designated the space below the fold to contain a quick view of projects and galleries with corresponding calls to action.

Additionally, DO utilizes a combination of JavaScript plugins and custom functionality to give the user the best experience possible. Some example of this increased functionality include:
  • The gallery which contains a custom slide show as well as specialized filters allowing the user to find the exact door that they are looking for
  • Video plugins showcase the latest press coverage for LaCantina
  • Interactive rollovers enable the user to find out more information (see image below)

We encourage you to check out our latest work and if you're interested in website design or development opportunities don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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