August 13, 2012 By adamlu,

In the spirit of the 2012 London Olympics the team at Digital Operative decided to hold it's very own DOlympics.
Comprised of five intense events, The DOers strength and wits were tested in the following areas: LadderBall, Bean Bag Toss, Nerf Crossbow Archery, a harrowing Sbyke relay race and finally the nail biting Foosball tournament.
In the end, there was blood, there was sweat, and even a few tears but only three countries were able to nab the coveted DO Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.  In a medal ceremony that would make even the Olympics Committee proud, Brazil was awarded the Bronze Medal after displaying some intense Foosball playing skills and Mexico nabbed Silver after stomping the competition in the Sbkye relay.
However, it was unassuming China that crushed the competition across all categories and was awarded the DO Gold medal. With the Chinese national anthem proudly played for maximum effect, Jamie Tuckey, Denise Pena, and BJ Cook were awarded their gold medals and with that the DOlympics came to a close.
The good thing for the losing teams is that they have 18 months to perfect their skills before we revisit the DOlympics in 2014 in honor of the Sochi Winter Games.
We hope everyone enjoyed watching the Olympics as much as we did. Until next time.

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