May 10, 2012 By BJ Cook,
Digital Operative's Own Street Art As a company whose culture thrives on creativity, no matter if that is born of technology, marketing, design or pure business mind; we here at DO love to look outside of our walls for true inspiration. On this evening, while working on an international marketing program for a client, I wandered the streets of urban culture and artists. I was drawn into a labyrinth of laborious art across the globe. And I wanted to share it with everyone. Part of what makes our digital agency so unique is our ability to derive inspiration from everywhere at anytime. It's even a core interview question for all candidates. If you're stuck just staring at awards websites, CSS galleries, Behance and others; you never truly get that raw creative inspiration that's required to ultimately create one of those tremendous pieces you often see in the latter mentioned sites. I was going to keep this thought to my team, but it's best shared with all of our readers and those looking for something a little different, to help them DO. Enjoy.

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