July 12, 2013 By BJ Cook,
It's summer and with that brings our latest crop of DO interns! We pride ourselves on bringing in the best and the brightest and this quarter's interns are no exception. From Brown University to San Francisco State our interns come far and wide to fill our various internships. We thought it would be fun to put the spotlight on these talented individuals by having them create a short posting or video about themselves. So without further ado, I give you the DO intern class of 2013: Name: Victoria O'Harra Internship: Marketing Graduate of: SFSU with a BS in Marketing and minor in Philosophy Just the facts: I make a perfect cup of coffee and files automatically become organized in my presence. I can restructure a business for optimal gross profit margins and cure the common cold at the same time. Social media bends to my whims, videos become viral when I like them, and CTRs skyrocket around me.  Victoria, the most interesting intern in the world. I don’t always intern, but when I do I prefer DO. Name: Erik Davignon Internship: Strategy Graduate of: University of California at Santa Barbara with a BS in Film and Media Studies. Currently attending SDSU to obtain Professional Media and Marketing Certification. Just the Facts: Name: Ingrid Chen Internship: Design Student at: Brown University studying History of Art and Architecture Just the Facts: Name: Adam Waynick Internship: Marketing Student at: Michigan State studying Advertising Just the Facts:

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