April 23, 2014 By BJ Cook,
In our last post about Google Analytics - we spoke on annotations and why it's a useful feature. Today we are talking part deux on demographic reports.....


By implementing a simple one line Google Analytics tracking code change, Google will aggregate your website visitors into what they estimate to be their interests, age and gender based on the sites they visit that are partnered with DoubleClick. The data is an essential component when A/B testing and optimizing digital experience offered by your site.

Best Practices:

You can use this data to answer questions like:

  • Does my mobile site cater to my target age group and gender?
  • How can I refine the content strategy of my blog to increase engagement?
  • What interest groups are buying which products?
  • What sources do the different age groups use to get to my site?
  • Who is most likely to purchase from my top SEO landing pages?
In short, demographic reports will help you delve further into the insights of those browsing your site. Stay tuned as part 3 will be posted tomorrow – but, in the meantime don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you need Google Analytics help!

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