June 2, 2014 By Digital Operative,

Christopher Radcliff, a frequent Econsultancy contributor, featured our web design work for the men's fashion and lifestyle brand, 7 Diamonds, in one of his posts about “flat design” in ecommerce. Naming 16 Beautiful Examples of Flat Design in Ecommerce, Radcliff chose to feature DO’s work on the 7 Diamonds website, writing “A fantastic, comprehensive and diverse range of images on the product listing pages. The homepage has a great collection of large attractive images linking to various parts of the site.”

After the feature mention in Econsultancy, we reached out to Radcliff to thank him, and he went on to say this:
"With an exquisitely laid out homepage that uses gorgeous photography to hold the user's attention and a fantastically comprehensive and diverse range of images on the product pages, 7 Diamonds provides a contemporary and highly persuasive ecommerce experience"
Using the Magento platform, we created a site with responsive flat design, advanced product refinements and parallax scrolling effects with layers of information, all of which articulate the brand's unique features and values. Our work with 7 Diamonds has garnered international notoriety that includes multiple awards and mentions on the Econsultancy* blog. You can find some of the awards below:
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*Econsultancy is an online community where digital marketing and ecommerce professionals gather to sharpen their strategy, get quick answers, acquire content, and discover how to achieve online greatness.

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