August 13, 2014 By BJ Cook,
Every year, Digital Operative selects a nonprofit organization to provide pro-bono work to and support in its endeavors. This year we are excited to be working with the Outdoor Foundation, a nonprofit that is a driving force in the promotion of outdoor recreation in America. The Outdoor Foundation prides itself on offering research, grants, and resources to promote the multiple facets of the outdoor recreation movement. Outdoor Nation is their signature program that is targeted at young adults and youth to get outside and be active. The movement includes camps, grants, and summits across the United States. We are working with the Outdoor Foundation to create two contests on the Contestcore platform: Get You(th) Outdoors and Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge. Get You(th) Outdoors is a social campaign that asks individuals to share their outdoor stories in hopes to inspire youth to get outdoors. Where as the Outdoor Nation Campus Challenge is geared towards colleges and inspiring the college community to get outdoors and be active. Both of these campaigns are currently under development -- our strategy, design and technology teams are hard at work. We will make sure to provide updates on the progress and announce when these exciting projects go live.

"These campaigns give companies and colleges a unique way to engage with their employees and students," says Chris Fanning, Executive Director of The Outdoor Foundation, "We're hoping to blend online social contests with outdoor activities in order to reach and introduce new people to the activities we love."

At Digital Operative, we got involved in the best way we knew how -- through digital marketing. If you need help with an online campaign or maybe you work for a nonprofit don’t hesitate to drop us a line, so we can get involved.

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