May 9, 2014 By Digital Operative,
Yes, Facebook has updated its News Feed, again. Get used to people, Facebook appears to have plans to roll out several new updates to the feed, hoping to provide its one billion-plus users with more “high quality content.” Among other things, if you haven’t seem them already, in the coming weeks you will likely notice things like larger photos, more auto-play videos and more content from brands. You can also expect your experience on Facebook mobile to be near identical to your desktop experience. Details on each of the new features can be found below: Auto-play Videos & Larger Photos
  • Luckily, videos will not auto-play with sound unless clicked
More High Quality Content
  • To compete with Twitter’s focus on news, you will likely see more actual news in your feed
  • Resurfaced content that users across the web have already engaged with
More Content from Brands, Less Low Quality Content like:
  • Memes
  • Posts that are like-baiting (Facebook is trying to stop users who ask for Likes)
More User Control
  • You will eventually have the power to dictate exactly what types of stories you see in your newsfeed
  • For example, with the new algorithm, if you like a lot of one type of story, you will eventually see more of them. Kind of like certain online radio playlists, like Spotify and Songza. The more you like, comment and share a type of story, the more you will see that type of story in the future.
  • On a funnier note, if you post “congratulations” on a friends graduation picture for example, a Facebook algorithm will actually give that post a boost, likely pushing it to the top of your newsfeed. So now you know, be careful how much you congratulate your Facebook friends. You can read more about it here.
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