May 14, 2014 By BJ Cook,

Imagine worldwide ecommerce conference is taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada this week, May 12-14 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino. This Magento conference brings together merchants, partners, developers, experts and everyone in between. At this three day ecommerce conference there are breakout sessions, keynote speakers and numerous opportunities to meet like minded individuals who want to talk all things Magento.

Today Magento announced the release of their Enterprise Edition 1.14.This new version features many upgrades which include:

Price consistency. Merchants that operate across many regions and countries have the option the show one price across the board regardless of policies and tax structures.

Streamlined Checkout and new financing. Paypal can now be completed in fewer steps and will automatically try alternative options when a card is rejected. also, they’ve added Bill Me Later, which has shown to increase sales by up to 18 percent - with no additional cost to the merchant for instant financing.

Compatible with PHP 5.4. (No explanation needed)

Responsive design reference theme - The new responsive design theme will cut the development time of creating a responsive site in almost half. This theme encompasses all major flows products types, features and has a cleaner more modern code base - this makes customizing sites that much easier. Using this theme is Google’s preferred approach to optimizing mobile sites - so it will help you improve your SEO.

Search indexing support. Native support for Solr 3.6.2 is now available and features indexing improvements - which provides shoppers with up-to-date search results, and offers merchants better admin performance.

With all these great updates, Magento is making it easier for the merchants and for the end consumer. If you need help with your site don’t hesitate to contact us -- after all, we are preferred Magento partners.

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