March 20, 2014 By BJ Cook,

Website optimization is a must, and in our experience, there is no better tool than Optimizely. The Optimizely platform provides the ability to conduct A/B testing, Multipage and Multivariate testing with targeting and segmentation, using influential, real-time data to meet the needs of businesses that are looking to deliver unique web experiences to their visitors. More than 6,000 companies have adopted the Optimizely software, including Starbucks, Disney, Salesforce and of course, Digital Operative.

By using Optimizely for our clients’ websites, we have been able to increase their return on investment (ROI) and conversion rate as well as create brand messaging that outperforms its non-brand counterpart. Testing, for us, isn’t just something nice to have, it’s a necessity. We don't believe in just building a website; we believe in creating an effective website experience that serves the goals of the company--increasing visitors and those who convert into customers--but is also pleasing to the user--a site that is easy to navigate to find what they are looking for.

As a result of our effective, results-driven client work, our Director of Strategy and Planning, Eric Hanser has been nominated as a finalist in the 2014 Optie Awards. Eric states:

“We understand that a brand’s customer is expecting a seamless experience across touch points and that’s what my job is focused on – the relentless pursuit of making sure our clients understand the challenges of this connected world and how to constantly adapt to it.”

We will be attending the Opticon conference on April 17th, in San Francisco, CA where we will find out if Eric wins for “Testing Hero of the Year.” All we know for sure is that regardless of the outcome, we couldn't be more proud of Eric for his optimizing efforts and results; he is our definition of a “Testing Hero”--innovative, thorough and impactful.

If you would like more information on optimization and testing, please feel free to contact us as we can definitely help add actionable insights to your website and landing page.


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