June 27, 2014 By BJ Cook,
DO was recently invited to speak at Digital Summit Denver, describing our strategic approach and creative process around content creation for our clients. The presentation gave us an opportunity to help visualize and, better yet, formalize how we approach content creation for large and small clients alike. The content strategy for us begins with an assessment of resources and goals. This assessment is guided by what we’ve coined the ‘Content Quadrant,’ which we presented at the Summit. The content quadrant has two axes, one for resources, and one for goals. Evaluating where a client might sit on the content quadrant would then help guide an array of tactics and themes we revisit throughout the period of engagement. Once you’ve identified your constraints, you can properly build any of the following elements of your strategy be it personas, user stories, or content guidelines. In future posts, we will discuss how certain strategies lend themselves to better performance for clients who identify with one of the quadrants. And please, feel free to join the discussion and don't hesitate to contact us.

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