April 9, 2014 By James,
We are proud to announce that DO is officially a Webby Award Honoree for our work with an up-and-coming neighborhood in San Diego's East Village, Makers Quarter. As our Agency Marketing Manager, Nikki Johnson stated:
"This project was brought to us as a vision to create change in an area that has been void for years. With thought, vision and innovation, we have helped change Makers Quarter into a neighborhood locals can be proud of. They believe that when looking into the future, it is best to start by embracing the past while celebrating the present. We created their website, design and did all of their social media for them - helping them increase their overall brand awareness. Generating 2,025 new visits to the Makers Quarter site, 950+  followers reached, and engaged 250+ email/newsletter signups! Winning numerous awards for our work on this site, we are very proud of our work with Makers Quarter."
The Webby Awards are the Internet's most respected symbol of success. To put it in perspective, last year alone, the 18th Annual Webby Awards received 12,000 entries from all 50 states and 60 different countries worldwide! Some of the categories they recognize are: Websites & mobile, film & video, social, and interactive advertising & media. We love awards, and are passionate about getting brands recognized. So if you need digital marketing assistance, or your Webby-site designed, contact us now!

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