May 21, 2014 By Steven,

Change is inevitable. Be it internal fluctuation, market volatility, industry upheaval, or customer sophistication, change is certain. So, with all this transformation, why is your website staying the same? No, we aren't talking site redesign (although, that might be something to consider too), we are talking about optimization.

Through website optimization, your site changes organically, evolving and adapting to newly-forged best practices, company needs, and--perhaps highest of all orders--customer expectations.

If customers are visiting your site and are failing to get what they want, be it information or your goods and services, they are all but certain to take their attention (and business) elsewhere.

We lovingly refer to our rapid-paced, highly-effective process of optimization the 90 Day Website Challenge and it’s made up of three phases:

  • PHASE 1 entails analytics set-up and development of a strategy.
  • PHASE 2 is the meat of the project, the implementation of the test(s).
  • PHASE 3 is the processing and analysis of the test findings and development of any suggested next steps.

With our 90 Day Website Challenge we dare you to tell us that optimization isn't the new key to adapting to change. Also, this program is a great way to start building a culture of optimization within your organization.

One client in particular that has used our 90-Day Website Challenge, a multichannel soccer retailer, implemented a strategic optimization plan of A/B and multivariate testing to improve site performance and usability. Over a 90-day period, In that time, DO was able to deliver a projected revenue increase over 20% for the client.

Last thoughts: optimization isn’t solely about maximizing profits, it’s providing what customers want and reducing the struggle in doing so.

If you’re ready to take the 90 Day Website Challenge, we encourage you to CONTACT our team to get more information or to get signed on.

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