November 10, 2015 By Heather Serdoz,
It happens every year, summer fades into the background, the holidays are right around the corner and it’s suddenly crunch time in the world of digital marketing; Halloween has officially come and gone. Girls, you’ve managed to repurpose that same flapper dress for the third time now and guys, the flannel lumberjack look may finally need to be hung up for good. The point is you gave it one last go. This same technique can be applied when working through your editorial calendar during the holiday season, we don’t always have time to keep up with internal efforts this time of year, so we’ve put together several tricks to help you repurpose some of that awesome content the same way you repurposed those Halloween costumes.

Oldies but Goodies

Crowdsource. Take a look at what’s performed well over the last year and pull your best pieces for a repost. A light revamp is most likely in order, try changing the title and updating the headers, but the beauty of this particular recycle trick is that the content has got to be evergreen- meaning that the bulk of the information is staying the same. Sure there may be a few updates here and there, but this is a surefire way to knock out content when you’re short on time.

Caterpillar to Butterfly

Turn static content into interactive experiences. While we love practical, we still need to keep in mind the world moves at an extremely fast pace. Repurposing content and giving it a little edge or interactive component is going to get two emoji thumbs up! Check out one of our favorites- Thinglink, it’s an awesome platform that allows you to insert interactive hotspots onto static images. You can also start turning those lengthier content pieces into infographics. Since we know video is on the rise for content marketing, visually expand on concepts by taking an awesome blog post and turning it into a short clip. This time of year social campaigns are at an all time high, tap into that avenue and create festive social posts around existing content.

One on One

Readers love a good 3 to 5 step process for getting things accomplished, learning a new skill or discovering new developments and/or technology in their industry. If you have posts about new technology think about writing a follow up on the one that has gained the most traction this year. Round the post out by providing insights and predictions for the new year.

You’ve got mail

Hit the refresh button on great content with a good old fashioned email. There’s no doubt your weekly agency email is going to start gearing up for the holidays any week now. Be ready to incorporate some of those older pieces into your holiday newsletters. Give them a festive spin and breathe new life into internal blogs, articles or campaigns. Make the most of your marketing efforts this season and repurpose some of that great content that made an appearance in 2015. Agencies across the world are gearing up for the busiest time of the year, make sure you stay on top of the pack this season. Drop us a line if you need any help with your content marketing… and really, the lumberjack has got to go.

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