August 24, 2016 By Kate,

In short: absolutely not. And if you are one who thinks it is on the downhill path, think again. Email marketing is extremely effective and it is here to stay. Businesses that choose to not spend the time or money on email marketing are losing out on a huge portion of potential profits. Why might you ask? Here are just a few reasons.


Connecting and building relationships with customers is so important in today’s world. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are great platforms for making those interactions, so why bother adding email to the list? Email marketing is a great strategy to acquire those connections and relationships, while making sure each message is personalized and reaches the customer directly.

When a customer feels valued by a company they are more likely to take their business there, which is why personalization is so important. Simply adding the customer's name to a message will make them feel more worthy than receiving a conventional email. Also, differentiating your company’s email list into sections will help keep messages personalized to each customer’s personal taste. Compiling those with similar interests into their own list will help with sending only the relevant messages to each potential buyer.


I’m sure it has happened to you, as it has happened to everyone. You were online shopping, added some items to the cart, and then decided to not buy them for one reason or another. Later on, you received an email reminding you of your recent cart additions. You probably went back onto the website, shopped around some more, and completed your purchase. This is all about retargeting; a great influential tool to bringing customers back to your site. Just a simple, yet specifically targeted reminder to draw the potential buyer’s attention will bring in more traffic to your website and results in more purchases.

Cost Effective

Email marketing is extremely affordable in the realm of marketing investments. In fact, each message costs just pennies to make. What can be better than that? Nothing? Think again. Not only is it incredibly cheap to send emails, but also it is also incredibly effective. According to an article on Campaign Monitor, email marketing generates $38 in ROI for every $1 spent. Now, if you don’t see that being beneficial, I think you may have lost your mind.

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Brand Awareness

Almost everyone uses email and people are constantly checking their inboxes for new messages. According to McKinsey & Company, 28% of the time employees are at work is spent checking and working on emails, so why not maximize on this time? Even if the message is not opened, putting your company's name in front of the customer keeps your company in mind for later. Plus, what’s there to lose since they’re quick to make at practically no cost.

The arguments over email marketing need to come to an end. While above are only a few reasons, it is still clear that email marketing should not be overlooked. With such clear, positive results, there should be no question whether the implementation is worth the cost. Feel free to contact us to find out how to improve your email marketing strategy.

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