August 31, 2016 By BJ Cook,
Over the last several years, social media has expanded from being used for merely personal purposes to becoming an integral tool in executing influential campaigns. The inherently personal nature of social media allows companies to blur the line between personal and professional with their customer interactions, giving them an opportunity to shape a new image for themselves without overstepping boundaries. Social media advertising can be helpful in aiding company sales and solidifying a target audience. Twitter in particular has taken to creating unique and innovative features for businesses who use their platform.

Promoted Ads

Twitter advertising has altered the purpose of their platform by implementing a new “Promoted Tweets” feature which was created specifically for businesses. This feature allows companies to advertise specific tweets that will appear in various places on the site, including directly on user timelines, based on relevance. This offers businesses to craft a short but effective tweet along with an image to capture the user’s attention. This form of Twitter advertising offers a chance to combine both words and images to capture social media users’ attention. [caption id="attachment_9206" align="aligncenter" width="290" class=" "]Clearasil Twitter Ad Image via Twitter.[/caption]

Twitter Campaigns

In addition to providing businesses with the opportunity to schedule promoted tweets, Twitter has also developed campaigns to increase online traffic and activity for businesses. Some of these campaigns rely heavily on creativity, while others rely on user loyalty and  Specifically, there are four types of campaigns:
  1. Website click campaigns are designed to increase website visitors and track conversions and sales as a result of Twitter advertising. This is an opportunity for businesses to see the impact Twitter is having on their sales and to change their strategy accordingly.
  2. Follower campaigns are created with the intention of increasing follower counts and building an audience. The primary goal of this type of campaign is to raise awareness of company Twitter accounts and to solidify a target audience that is more likely to engage with them.
  3. Engagement campaigns help businesses curate interesting content that will encourage consumer interaction through the Twitter platform.
  4. Mobile app campaigns to increase app downloads
[caption id="attachment_9217" align="aligncenter" width="344" class=" "]Domino's Pizza Tweet Image via Marketing Land.[/caption] Through creating these specialized campaign methods, Twitter has managed to take advantage of its informal and casual style to provide businesses with multiple venues for success through the use of their platform. Here at Digital Operative, we're always looking ahead at the latest trends in online marketing - be sure to contact us for all of your social media advertising needs! 

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