November 11, 2017 By Nick Boyajian,
Written By: Nick Boyajian, Director of Development at Digital Operative

Are you launching a new product? Planning a big Black Friday sale? Supercharge your next sales event by installing Shopify’s new Launchpad App on your Shopify Plus store. Built by the team of eCommerce experts at Shopify, Launchpad allows you to schedule product releases, sales, promotions, and even lets you schedule visual changes to your website.

Any merchant managing a growing eCommerce business knows how painful it can be to wait around until a specific time (often midnight), just to push a button to start a sale or promotion. Even worse, there are often so many steps required to launch the promotion that valuable time is lost, along with potential customers.

Shopify Plus Launchpad

Launchpad empowers you to configure all of these changes, well in advance of the event going live, and simply schedule them when they’re required. Launchpad allows you to:

  • Save time by scheduling and automatically launching your event checklist.
  • Increase conversions and provide a streamlined customer experience from the product page to checkout by scheduling front-end customizations.
  • Track performance in real-time to better understand consumer behavior.

Now you can go to bed assured that when the clock strikes midnight (or whatever time you schedule) all of your changes will be pushed out simultaneously and instantly!

Head over to the Shopify app store for more information, or check out this quick video for a closer look at the benefits of Launchpad.

Did you know that Digital Operative (DO) is a Shopify Plus Agency Partner? Contact us if you’d like to learn more about our Shopify Plus website development services!

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