November 21, 2017 By BJ Cook,
Written By: Chelsey DeBalsi, Agency Marketing Manager at Digital Operative

As we move forward in an increasingly digital world, it becomes more and more challenging to capture the attention of consumers. One proven technique is personalization, or the ability to provide a unique experience that aligns with a consumer's specific preferences and needs.

In collaboration with two of our partners, Shopify Plus and Oracle + Bronto, we explored the power of personalization in this 40-minute webinar, including the latest trends and the most successful strategies from an expert panel of digital marketing and ecommerce professionals. We covered:

  • Examples of real brands winning at personalization
  • Tips on applying personalization to email marketing (for example, browse and cart recovery)
  • Tips on applying personalization to ecommerce (for example, featured/recommended products)
  • How to combine segmentation and personalization to create the optimal digital marketing/ecommerce strategy
  • Quick win tips to help you revolutionize your personalization approach today

Personalization Webinar | Digital Operative, Shopify Plus, Bronto

You can check out the recorded webinar by clicking on the image above or going here. We hope you enjoy it and learn something new about personalization! Please contact us to learn more about our approach to digital marketing and ecommerce.

About Digital Operative, Inc.:

Digital Operative is a growth-focused, full-service digital agency where transformative digital marketing meets creative commerce. As a part of the transcosmos family of companies, we understand that today’s “anywhere customer” browses, compares, and buys across many channels. That’s why our offering is fully integrated to cover Brand Strategy, User Experience (UX), Visual Design, Digital Marketing, Analytics, and Development. We work with our clients to build better relationships with their customers at the intersection of commerce, content, and community, and our mission is to deliver cross-channel customer experiences that grow awareness, engagement, and revenue. Learn More About Digital Operative.

About Shopify Plus:

Shopify Plus is the commerce platform designed for high-growth, high-volume merchants, coupling speed and agility with the scalable foundation they need to grow bigger, faster. Learn More About Shopify Plus.

About Oracle + Bronto:

Oracle + Bronto provides cloud-based commerce marketing automation to mid-market and enterprise organizations worldwide. We’re the leading provider to some of the world’s top retailers, like Lucky Brand, Rebecca Minkoff and Tarte Cosmetics, to name a few. And, we can integrate with virtually all ecommerce platforms. Learn More About Oracle + Bronto.

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